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Keep Your Breasts in Shape

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No matter how a breast augmentation surgery produces great outcomes, the breasts will still sag and lose its quality over gravity, aging, and time. However, breast revision in Shreveport could maintain the appearance and integrity of your breasts. A breast implant revision involves the removal or replacement of silicone or saline breast implants, changing their size or type and correcting any complications from previous breast cosmetic surgeries.

Consider breast revision when:

Having a positive outlook and realistic expectations with regard to the procedure could help you achieve desirable results post-surgery. You may also be a good candidate for breast revision if:

If you have undergone breast augmentation in the past and would want to revise the appearance of your breasts, Dr. Paul M. Davis could help you with that. Contact him at (318) 797-9199 and book an appointment now. 

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Bring Out the Confidence in You

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Having small breasts may not be a huge deal when it comes to health, but it could mean more to several women who have been slaves of low self-esteem. Breast augmentation in Shreveport could not only enlarge your breasts to your preference, but will also help you gain more confidence within yourself. Learn more about what to expect after undergoing the procedure.

A few days post-surgery:

Few weeks later:

Dr. Paul M. Davis could provide you with more expert advice about breast augmentation. Contact him at (318) 797-9199 and schedule an appointment today. 

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SmartLipo: Better than Traditional?

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Liposuction in Shreveport, LA is a fat removal procedure mainly used to improve how a person looks.   Today, liposuction is currently gaining more popularity and insistent demand not only throughout the US, but worldwide.  Since liposuction is not new to the cosmetic industry, there are now new ways and methods of delivering it in a more safe and effective way.  SmartLipo is a non-invasive laser assisted liposuction treatment offered by Plastic Surgery of Shreveport.  The procedure can be competently handled by Dr. Paul Davis, who is a board certified plastic surgeon in Louisiana.

Traditional liposuction is primarily done with the use of a hollow instrument called a cannula tube- inserted into the tiny cuts of the skin and goes through the fat pockets or fat deposits and these fats are removed by using a suction of high pressured vacuum.  These fat pockets contain stubborn fats that are not responsive to strict diet, strenuous exercises and change of lifestyle.  SmartLipo still uses a cannula but a much thinner one with a diode laser on it that can melt the fat tissues and cells.  It is a more conventional liposuction and better than the traditional liposuction.  How is SmartLipo better than the traditional liposuction?  Read the advantages below:

SmartLipo can target the different areas of our body to remove that unwanted extra fat such that is located in our abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, arms and calves.  However, SmartLipo as well as the traditional liposuction is not a weight loss option nor a treatment for obesity.  The procedures can just eliminate all of that unwanted fat and enhance the contour of our body.

Call us now at 318-797-9199 to schedule your SmartLipo consultation.

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Plastic Surgery: A Work of Art!

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Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, LA is a new way to improve your aesthetic appearance that will reflect to your overall positive image and self-confidence.  If you have a blunt nose, a protruding belly or sagging breasts, then plastic surgery at Plastic Surgery of Shreveport can be your best choice.  Wearing makeup and apparel to hide your facial and body defects will be fruitless without correcting the main problem itself with plastic surgery.

The term plastic surgery is commonly known to involve the man-made plastic material.  Many of us don’t know that the term plastic originated from a Greek word “plastikos” which means “to mold or shape” and the word “surgery” is kheirourgos in Greek which means “work”.  Changing and improving the appearances of our body shapes and facial features into the right mold of acceptable measurements is a work of art.

Plastic surgeons can reshape our facial and body parts through cosmetic surgery procedures. The most common facial features that patients want to alter are the nose, ears, chins and the eyelids.  Breast lift, fat removal, liposuction, and arm lifts are among the most sought after body procedures more specifically for women who want to contour their body shapes and look younger than their age.  Plastic surgery is the easiest way to take years off of your appearance and at the same time, improve your physique.

There are a lot of facial features and body defects that can be corrected and shaped into an ideal and acceptable appearance through plastic surgery.  Defects can either be present at birth or acquired later in life because of diseases, illnesses and injuries.  Both of these physical damages and congenital defects can be repaired and molded to the appropriate outward appearances to gain confidence, self-esteem and have a more enjoyable quality of life.

Contact Plastic Surgery of Shreveport at (318) 797-9199 now to learn more about the complete line of plastic surgery services that best suits you.  Dr. Davis is a board certified plastic surgeon who can help with your plastic surgery needs. 

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Winning the Battle

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“I beat it and I’d love to kick cancer in the bum!” I was so impressed upon hearing this from one of my patients who came in for a breast reconstruction consultation.  Winning the battle against breast cancer is no easy feat and some of my patients would like to do more and reward themselves by showing people that they are masters of their bodies and they can have their beautiful form back even after it was taken away by cancer.

In my own little way, I want to take part in this victory by providing my breast reconstruction services to my patients.  It can be done and I have improved the lives of many patients here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport.

How do we make something out of nothing?  There are actually two options that patients can choose from.  The first option involves the use of tissue expander breast implants.  We would insert a tissue expander in a pocket that is made underneath your chest wall.  This is injected with saline until we reach the size that you desire.  The second technique is using flap construction where we will harvest tissues from other parts of your body.  This is usually recommended for those with little chest tissue left after the mastectomy procedure.  The breast mound is formed using both techniques and patients can have the areola reconstructed as well for a more natural breast appearance.

Get your breasts back and schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul M. Davis today by calling 318-797-9199 to know your options for breast reconstruction.

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A Lift is What You May Need

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Face it!  Women are just more pleasant to look at than men.  I am amazed at their beautiful form, their charm and how they make everything around them seem so beautiful.  Women just have that innate power that makes men succumb to their every need.  And women today are becoming more and more aware of that and are empowering themselves at home and at the workplace.  I don’t know how they do it, they seem to be capable of balancing work and home successfully.

Women are doing it for themselves and they are taking aggressive steps in making themselves look good so that they feel good about themselves.  And one of the things that can help them battle the after effects of pregnancy and age are breast lifts and its popularity at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport is proof of its effectiveness.

Many are a bit scared of the idea of getting a breast lift, but after proper education of what happens during a procedure they realize that it’s not as bad as they think it is.  During a breast lift procedure, an incision that resembles a key hole is made around the areola going down vertically to the breast crease.  Your surgeon will access the breast tissue and remove any excess skin, move the areola to a higher position to be able to get a more youthful breast profile.  That’s it! The results are immediately visible and permanent. It’s that simple and the success rate has been phenomenal!

Call us today at 318-797-9199 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul M. Davis to learn more about breast lifts and how they can contribute to a more confident you!

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A Cure for Heavy Puffy Eyelids

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You will be surprised that there are really some people who have puffy and heavy eyelids not because they pulled an all-nighter but because they were born with it.  This is caused by excess fat and skin on the upper eyelid and can sometimes pose a problem when it blocks the vision.  To remove the excess skin and fat and to improve a patient’s vision, our doctors here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport recommend an eyelid surgery.

What are the types of eyelid surgeries done here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport?  Eyelid surgery on the upper eyelid called upper blepharoplasty is done to create a crease on the upper eyelid.  This is also recommended to remove any excess skin and fat to reduce the puffy eye look.  Upper blepharoplasty involves making an incision on the upper eyelid that allows your doctor to remove the excess fat and skin and then stitching the skin back together in order to create the eyelid crease.  Lower eyelid surgery or lower blepharoplasty is good for removing excess skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or eye droopiness, and improving the shape and overall appearance of the lower portion of the eyes.  Adding fat to the lower eyelid can help in reducing the appearance of hollowness.  This is done by using the transconjunctival technique which involves making an incision below the lash line or inside the eyelid and removing or adding fat as needed by the patient.  Patients will experience swelling and bruising in the first 2 weeks after the surgery is done, but they can resume their normal activities a week after the eyelid surgery.

Call us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Davis to know more about eyelid surgery and how it can contribute to making you look brighter and younger.

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A Brow-Raising Experience

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Aside from the common concerns about lines and wrinkles, we also have patients who notice the sagging skin in the region of the forehead and the eye brows.  For cases like these, the doctors at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport recommend a brow lift to help reverse the symptoms and make our patients look years younger.  Besides addressing this common sign of aging, brow lifts can also help patients with low brows or those who have naturally low brows as an inherited trait.  We always recommend to our patients to have the brow lift surgery done together with other treatments to achieve a younger contour not only in the forehead and eyebrow region but also on the other parts of the face.

What is a brow lift procedure like?  Normally, brow lift surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis.  Unlike other cosmetic procedures, this will not require patients to stay overnight.  The entire procedure lasts for about 2 hours and is done under general anesthesia.  Patients can opt between the classic lift and an endoscopic lift.  The classic brow lift procedure will require making one continuous incision from the ears up to the hairline.  Your doctor will then repair the tissues and the muscles underneath and reposition the skin to achieve a lifted brow and smoother forehead.  When using an endoscopic brow lift, the doctor will make fewer and shorter incisions in the scalp instead of a continuous incision in the hairline.  The doctor will then insert a scope to take a look at the muscles and tissues underneath and will use a separate instrument to repair it to be able to achieve the desired results.  Both procedures are guaranteed to provide a younger and more pleasant appearance and reduce the stern look that low brows can produce.

Call us today at 318-797-9199 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Davis to know more about brow lift surgeries and if you will be a good candidate for one.

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Give Your Face A Lift!

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With all the anti-aging options in the market, we still have some patients at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport who would prefer a procedure that is fast and guaranteed to do the job even if it is more invasive compared to other treatments that promise to bring your youthful glow back.  Face lifts or Rhytidectomy is a sure way of literally taking years off your face and make it appear younger and healthier.  This procedure involves lifting the skin off the face to allow your doctors to tighten the tissues underneath and to reposition the skin over the face to achieve a more youthful look.  Not only does this result positively for your appearance, but it also contributes in making a patient more confident about themselves and reduces any anxiety that they may feel over looking older.

What happens during a facelift procedure?  Patients are given general or intravenous anesthesia to numb the skin.  Our surgeon will then make an incision that will run from the temple up to the circles of the ears.  The skin flap is raised and the doctor will tighten the tissues and the muscles underneath the skin.  The doctor may remove some fat and excess skin if he finds it necessary.  To finish the procedure, the doctor will re-drape the skin flap over the face and reposition it and the incisions will be secured with sutures.  The incisions will not show because these are located along the patient’s hairline or a location in the face where it would naturally crease.  You should expect your face to be bandaged after the procedure and the dressings will be removed about 1 to 2 days after.  Your doctor will remove the stitches in about 5 to 10 days after the face lift.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Paul Davis and see what a face lift can do to take years off your face.  Call us today at 318-797-9199.

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Trust Only the Professionals!

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In my years of practice, I always come across patients who want a procedure redone because they were not satisfied with the results or because something has gone terribly awry!  I always advise my patients at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport that it is important to invest not only money, but time in searching for the right doctor to perform your procedure when you are thinking of having a cosmetic surgery done.  If not done right, it’s not just money down the drain.  You might be putting your appearance and your health at risk.  One of the most common do-overs that we have in our facility are breast revisions.  Breast revisions are not only applicable because of procedures that did not yield satisfactory results, they can also be recommended for patients who had problems with their implants such as deflation, or to correct natural changes to the breasts after childbirth or breastfeeding after undergoing breast surgery.

Who are good candidates for breast revision?  You may want to consider breast revision if any or your saline implants have leaked or ruptured.  During the revision, you may want to have it replaced with the same size or go a size larger.  For patients who are not happy with the size that they got when they first got their implants, getting a breast revision can give them the option to increase or decrease the size.  Capsular contracture is also a common reason why patients require breast revision.  The procedure will involve removal of the entire capsule and new implants are placed under the breast muscle to reduce the possibility of another capsule to occur.  Other common reasons why a patient may require breast revisions are wrong positioning of implants, synmastia or uni-boob effect, and implant coverage problems.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Davis and see what a breast revision can do for you.  Call us today at 318-797-9199.

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