Breast Lift

A mastopexy, breast lift, is performed in patients whose breasts have sagged due to weight loss, pregnancy, or a woman’s genetic predisposition. The skin surrounding the breast will stretch, sag, and the breast may become smaller. Many times breast augmentation is employed at the same time as a breast lift. It is performed through a variety of incisions, depending on the degree of sagging and the size of the breast.

Breast lifting techniques depend on the magnitude of the sagging. Lifting may be accomplished with an incision that is only around the areola, for minimal drooping. When skin is looser with more sagging, the incision around the areola is combined with a vertical incision. In the most severe cases of sagging, the incision is around the areola, plus a vertical limb, and also a crease underneath the breast in an inverted “T” fashion. The sutures used are mostly absorbable.

Mastopexy is performed as an outpatient procedure. Anesthesia is done with general anesthesia. Smokers are poor candidates for breast lifts and should try to refrain from nicotine products before surgery.