Breast Revision

For many women, changes occur in their breasts over the years following their initial breast implant placement. Old implants can be changed, size can be adjusted, and lifts that have fallen can be lifted once again. Frequently, patients choose to replace their saline implants with silicone gel implants to resolve issues with rippling and wrinkling. The breast implants that have shifted may be repositioned. Tightness and contracture may be corrected. Over time, breasts that have undergone previous lifting or reduction may drop or diminish in size, or once again have enlarged. This can be addressed and improved. Revision of breast surgery requires an office consultation, during which Dr. Davis will discuss your previous surgery and what can be done to enhance your appearance. Whenever possible, Dr. Davis would like to obtain whatever records that are available regarding your previous surgery, which would include surgical technique used, implant size, and the type of the implants that were placed, if implants were used in your procedure.

If lifting or revision of lifting is required as well as further breast reduction, smokers are poor candidates. The patient should try to be nicotine free prior to embarking on surgery.