A Brow-Raising Experience

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Aside from the common concerns about lines and wrinkles, we also have patients who notice the sagging skin in the region of the forehead and the eye brows.  For cases like these, the doctors at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport recommend a brow lift to help reverse the symptoms and make our patients look years younger.  Besides addressing this common sign of aging, brow lifts can also help patients with low brows or those who have naturally low brows as an inherited trait.  We always recommend to our patients to have the brow lift surgery done together with other treatments to achieve a younger contour not only in the forehead and eyebrow region but also on the other parts of the face.

What is a brow lift procedure like?  Normally, brow lift surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis.  Unlike other cosmetic procedures, this will not require patients to stay overnight.  The entire procedure lasts for about 2 hours and is done under general anesthesia.  Patients can opt between the classic lift and an endoscopic lift.  The classic brow lift procedure will require making one continuous incision from the ears up to the hairline.  Your doctor will then repair the tissues and the muscles underneath and reposition the skin to achieve a lifted brow and smoother forehead.  When using an endoscopic brow lift, the doctor will make fewer and shorter incisions in the scalp instead of a continuous incision in the hairline.  The doctor will then insert a scope to take a look at the muscles and tissues underneath and will use a separate instrument to repair it to be able to achieve the desired results.  Both procedures are guaranteed to provide a younger and more pleasant appearance and reduce the stern look that low brows can produce.

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A Brow-Raising Experience - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport