A Cure for Heavy Puffy Eyelids

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You will be surprised that there are really some people who have puffy and heavy eyelids not because they pulled an all-nighter but because they were born with it.  This is caused by excess fat and skin on the upper eyelid and can sometimes pose a problem when it blocks the vision.  To remove the excess skin and fat and to improve a patient’s vision, our doctors here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport recommend an eyelid surgery.

What are the types of eyelid surgeries done here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport?  Eyelid surgery on the upper eyelid called upper blepharoplasty is done to create a crease on the upper eyelid.  This is also recommended to remove any excess skin and fat to reduce the puffy eye look.  Upper blepharoplasty involves making an incision on the upper eyelid that allows your doctor to remove the excess fat and skin and then stitching the skin back together in order to create the eyelid crease.  Lower eyelid surgery or lower blepharoplasty is good for removing excess skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or eye droopiness, and improving the shape and overall appearance of the lower portion of the eyes.  Adding fat to the lower eyelid can help in reducing the appearance of hollowness.  This is done by using the transconjunctival technique which involves making an incision below the lash line or inside the eyelid and removing or adding fat as needed by the patient.  Patients will experience swelling and bruising in the first 2 weeks after the surgery is done, but they can resume their normal activities a week after the eyelid surgery.

Call us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Davis to know more about eyelid surgery and how it can contribute to making you look brighter and younger.

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A Cure for Heavy Puffy Eyelids - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport