A Lift is What You May Need

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Face it!  Women are just more pleasant to look at than men.  I am amazed at their beautiful form, their charm and how they make everything around them seem so beautiful.  Women just have that innate power that makes men succumb to their every need.  And women today are becoming more and more aware of that and are empowering themselves at home and at the workplace.  I don’t know how they do it, they seem to be capable of balancing work and home successfully.

Women are doing it for themselves and they are taking aggressive steps in making themselves look good so that they feel good about themselves.  And one of the things that can help them battle the after effects of pregnancy and age are breast lifts and its popularity at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport is proof of its effectiveness.

Many are a bit scared of the idea of getting a breast lift, but after proper education of what happens during a procedure they realize that it’s not as bad as they think it is.  During a breast lift procedure, an incision that resembles a key hole is made around the areola going down vertically to the breast crease.  Your surgeon will access the breast tissue and remove any excess skin, move the areola to a higher position to be able to get a more youthful breast profile.  That’s it! The results are immediately visible and permanent. It’s that simple and the success rate has been phenomenal!

Call us today at 318-797-9199 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul M. Davis to learn more about breast lifts and how they can contribute to a more confident you!

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A Lift is What You May Need - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport