Keep Your Breasts in Shape

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No matter how a breast augmentation surgery produces great outcomes, the breasts will still sag and lose its quality over gravity, aging, and time. However, breast revision in Shreveport could maintain the appearance and integrity of your breasts. A breast implant revision involves the removal or replacement of silicone or saline breast implants, changing their size or type and correcting any complications from previous breast cosmetic surgeries.

Consider breast revision when:

Having a positive outlook and realistic expectations with regard to the procedure could help you achieve desirable results post-surgery. You may also be a good candidate for breast revision if:

If you have undergone breast augmentation in the past and would want to revise the appearance of your breasts, Dr. Paul M. Davis could help you with that. Contact him at (318) 797-9199 and book an appointment now. 

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Keep Your Breasts in Shape - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport