Plastic Surgery: A Work of Art!

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Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, LA is a new way to improve your aesthetic appearance that will reflect to your overall positive image and self-confidence.  If you have a blunt nose, a protruding belly or sagging breasts, then plastic surgery at Plastic Surgery of Shreveport can be your best choice.  Wearing makeup and apparel to hide your facial and body defects will be fruitless without correcting the main problem itself with plastic surgery.

The term plastic surgery is commonly known to involve the man-made plastic material.  Many of us don’t know that the term plastic originated from a Greek word “plastikos” which means “to mold or shape” and the word “surgery” is kheirourgos in Greek which means “work”.  Changing and improving the appearances of our body shapes and facial features into the right mold of acceptable measurements is a work of art.

Plastic surgeons can reshape our facial and body parts through cosmetic surgery procedures. The most common facial features that patients want to alter are the nose, ears, chins and the eyelids.  Breast lift, fat removal, liposuction, and arm lifts are among the most sought after body procedures more specifically for women who want to contour their body shapes and look younger than their age.  Plastic surgery is the easiest way to take years off of your appearance and at the same time, improve your physique.

There are a lot of facial features and body defects that can be corrected and shaped into an ideal and acceptable appearance through plastic surgery.  Defects can either be present at birth or acquired later in life because of diseases, illnesses and injuries.  Both of these physical damages and congenital defects can be repaired and molded to the appropriate outward appearances to gain confidence, self-esteem and have a more enjoyable quality of life.

Contact Plastic Surgery of Shreveport at (318) 797-9199 now to learn more about the complete line of plastic surgery services that best suits you.  Dr. Davis is a board certified plastic surgeon who can help with your plastic surgery needs. 

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Plastic Surgery: A Work of Art! - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport