SmartLipo: Better than Traditional?

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Liposuction in Shreveport, LA is a fat removal procedure mainly used to improve how a person looks.   Today, liposuction is currently gaining more popularity and insistent demand not only throughout the US, but worldwide.  Since liposuction is not new to the cosmetic industry, there are now new ways and methods of delivering it in a more safe and effective way.  SmartLipo is a non-invasive laser assisted liposuction treatment offered by Plastic Surgery of Shreveport.  The procedure can be competently handled by Dr. Paul Davis, who is a board certified plastic surgeon in Louisiana.

Traditional liposuction is primarily done with the use of a hollow instrument called a cannula tube- inserted into the tiny cuts of the skin and goes through the fat pockets or fat deposits and these fats are removed by using a suction of high pressured vacuum.  These fat pockets contain stubborn fats that are not responsive to strict diet, strenuous exercises and change of lifestyle.  SmartLipo still uses a cannula but a much thinner one with a diode laser on it that can melt the fat tissues and cells.  It is a more conventional liposuction and better than the traditional liposuction.  How is SmartLipo better than the traditional liposuction?  Read the advantages below:

SmartLipo can target the different areas of our body to remove that unwanted extra fat such that is located in our abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, arms and calves.  However, SmartLipo as well as the traditional liposuction is not a weight loss option nor a treatment for obesity.  The procedures can just eliminate all of that unwanted fat and enhance the contour of our body.

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SmartLipo: Better than Traditional? - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport