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In my years of practice, I always come across patients who want a procedure redone because they were not satisfied with the results or because something has gone terribly awry!  I always advise my patients at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport that it is important to invest not only money, but time in searching for the right doctor to perform your procedure when you are thinking of having a cosmetic surgery done.  If not done right, it’s not just money down the drain.  You might be putting your appearance and your health at risk.  One of the most common do-overs that we have in our facility are breast revisions.  Breast revisions are not only applicable because of procedures that did not yield satisfactory results, they can also be recommended for patients who had problems with their implants such as deflation, or to correct natural changes to the breasts after childbirth or breastfeeding after undergoing breast surgery.

Who are good candidates for breast revision?  You may want to consider breast revision if any or your saline implants have leaked or ruptured.  During the revision, you may want to have it replaced with the same size or go a size larger.  For patients who are not happy with the size that they got when they first got their implants, getting a breast revision can give them the option to increase or decrease the size.  Capsular contracture is also a common reason why patients require breast revision.  The procedure will involve removal of the entire capsule and new implants are placed under the breast muscle to reduce the possibility of another capsule to occur.  Other common reasons why a patient may require breast revisions are wrong positioning of implants, synmastia or uni-boob effect, and implant coverage problems.

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Trust Only the Professionals! - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport