Winning the Battle

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“I beat it and I’d love to kick cancer in the bum!” I was so impressed upon hearing this from one of my patients who came in for a breast reconstruction consultation.  Winning the battle against breast cancer is no easy feat and some of my patients would like to do more and reward themselves by showing people that they are masters of their bodies and they can have their beautiful form back even after it was taken away by cancer.

In my own little way, I want to take part in this victory by providing my breast reconstruction services to my patients.  It can be done and I have improved the lives of many patients here at the Plastic Surgery of Shreveport.

How do we make something out of nothing?  There are actually two options that patients can choose from.  The first option involves the use of tissue expander breast implants.  We would insert a tissue expander in a pocket that is made underneath your chest wall.  This is injected with saline until we reach the size that you desire.  The second technique is using flap construction where we will harvest tissues from other parts of your body.  This is usually recommended for those with little chest tissue left after the mastectomy procedure.  The breast mound is formed using both techniques and patients can have the areola reconstructed as well for a more natural breast appearance.

Get your breasts back and schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul M. Davis today by calling 318-797-9199 to know your options for breast reconstruction.

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Winning the Battle - Plastic Surgery of Shreveport